Sunday, April 27, 2014

New Clips

Final Dose

you have been serving Me daily for a few months now. Running around doing errands for Me, making Me the beneficiary to everything you have. But I have been keeping a secret from you this whole time and I’m about to tell you the truth today. I have the answer to why you have been getting increasingly ill and weak lately. Why you have been wasting away the past few months. And it’s not because I have been running you ragged with chores…. It will all be over soon. Don’t worry pet.

Just a Wallet

We chat online, we do video calls and phone calls. But there’s a major difference between us (other than the blatantly obvious, I’m fucking awesome and you’re a retarded loser) At the end of the day, I shut My computer and forget you exist. you sit there obsessing over Me all day. My voice, My beauty, My demands consume your mind 24/7. you are nothing but a wallet to Me. I don’t care about you in the slightest. you are disposable and replaceable. It’s easy for Me to find a new one. your only purpose is to pay. you are just a wallet

I Hate you, I Love Myself

Fuck you. you love what a brat I am and how much I hate you. you love that I only love Myself and think nothing of you. The thought of that excites you and makes My weak lil puppet. you crave My attention and I give you none. All you get is the finger, over and over. you only exist to serve Me. I despise you. I love Myself. you are a perpetual loser. I am a Goddess worthy of worship. Fuck you. 

Wet Hair Brushing Over your Face

What a special treat I have made for all My hair worshiping pets! I am fresh clean out of the shower as I stand over you teasing you with My wet hair. Since My hair is dripping wet I decide it’s the only water you need and make you suck on the ends to nourish your weakened body. And I’m even nice enough to feed you a hairball! you could literally live off of My hair! Lucky you!! And since I hate cleaning up after Myself, I also instruct you to clean up all the hairs that fall to the ground as I brush. Like I said, this is a special treat for you addicted lil hairballs

Hair Demands

My hair, like Me, is high maintenance. And I have a LOT of hair. I also have a lot of demands. I stand over you as I dictate to you My demands that need to be met to be My good lil hair ball addict. I’m going to make you work hard for it. Why should I have to?? I tease you with My long locks, running My fingers thru it, smelling it and describing it all to you. Lots of hair flipping and fluffing to make you nice and spendy.

Toe Sucker
I haven’t given you too many chances yet to lick My actual feet clean yet. I’m usually having you lick My boots or shoes or socks but today things are going to change. you are going to lick and suck every inch of My sweaty feet that have been in high heels filming clips all day. I separate each toe and instruct you to lick in between each sweaty toe. Then I drag you in closer and shoving My plump toes right in your face. your mouth will remain hanging open from this point on as I wiggle them about showing off all angles of My feet. I spit demands and requirements at you as you sit worship them thoroughly.

Tits and Toes Make you Stupid
you know your place is at the bottom of My feet handing over your wallet. It’s your happy place. Giving up all your money to Me is what excites you most. My tits and toes excite you even further. They make you stupid, extra stupid. I tease you past your breaking point in this flirty clip. I want to see how far you will break yourself for Me, Me and My tits and toes.

Spiky Pink Shoe Dangle
If there’s one thing you absolutely cannot resist its a dangling high heel. I know these things about you and I use them to My advantage. I tease you with thoughts of dropping My spiky heel on your face and ripping your tongue up as you lick it clean for Me. All while dangling it from My perfectly polished toes. you are helpless against My power, My toes and My heels and have no choice but to give and be My shoe bitch.

Poisoned Feet
I invite you over to massage and kiss My feet. Sounds a bit strange right? Me inviting you over? It’s not as innocent as it sounds. Wait til you find out what I have in store for you. This will be the LAST foot worship session you have. R.I.P. loser
Be a Good Boot Licker
I’ve been out dancing with My friends all night. Now I have come home and am ready to change for the night. But I can’t be expected to put My boots away in My closet all dirty with club goo on them? Nope! Thats why I have a boot licking slave, just for that reason! you get on your knees and will lick them clean til I am satisfied. I added a special treat at the end for you too, not that you truly deserve it or anything. But I will make My nightly routine seem like a treat for you anyway!
Good boys ALWAYS pay their CUM TAX for Me!!
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