Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Getting Chilly..... Inside!!

I know all you do is masturbate all day long. I know you jerk off to My pics constantly. I know your cock controls you, and I know how to control your cock! :) I have made a ‘fun’ lil assignment for you to remind you that you’re a loser and will do anything for Me! LMAO I have also added a sexy ASS WORSHIP pic to help keep you hot.
Go play, puppet!

Me and My HOT Pink Tights DRAIN you

Yes. Making you weak and stupid yet again with some slave bought HOT pink tights and sexy, tight mini 'dress' so that you SPEND your money on Me. It's all you are good for, loser. Let Me see that BIG FAT wallet! LMAO Every sexy pose, every demanding look, every flip of My finger makes you weak, stupid and spendy. Which is just what I want!

Pay Per Inch Fee

My Pay Per Inch Fee Game is back and better than ever! Now you losers will really be paying for your shortcummings! Did you actually think I would let you get thru your day with out making you pay for teeny tiny man clitty?? Did you really think it was ok to walk around with that things in your pants?! No fucking way loser!! you owe Me for having such a non-pleasing sight between your need to please Me somehow so you need to open that wallet wide, and start paying like a real man.
At the very end of the game are BOTH My Skype and YIM ID's, the only place you can get for "free" now!

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